My kids love helping me make all the frozen treats also. There are 12 hardness settings with choices from sorbet and frozen yoghurt to gelato and ice cream. It won’t work in this recipe. If you enjoy this ice cream why not have a go at making this peanut butter and pretzel ice cream. The Breville Smart Scoop and the Cuisinart ICE-100 are the only two compressor ice cream makers that belong to what I call the "second tier" of those domestic machines with in built freezers.. Forums. Download Recipe e-book. The first ice cream maker to automatically sense the hardness of the mixture based on your selection, it keeps your frozen flavors at perfect temperature up to 3 hours. Breville The Smart Scoop Icecream Maker $255.36 Delivered (Was $399) @ Myer eBay. It makes fantastic ice-creams, gelatos, frozen yoghurts and sorbets. These recipes work in all brands of pie maker including Kmart, Breville, Kogan and Sunbeam pie makers. It seems like such a minor ingredient but, trust me, it will make or break your dessert. Hardcover. Wasn't sure what quality we would get but were very surprised at just how good it is. After many hours of brain freeze, we’ve concluded that the Breville Smart Scoop BCI600 is the best ice cream maker Australia has to offer. Carly Fraser from Live Love Fruit reviews the Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Machine while making coconut strawberry ice cream. Model: BCI600UK. Archive View Return to standard view. I saw some old threads regarding Ice Cream Maker topics, most are more than a year old, but has anyone bought the new Breville BCI600 Smart Scoop Ice Cream Mach. The pre-cool function takes the ice cream maker down to -30°C (-22°F), which gives your ice cream a head start. With it’s sleek design (like other Breville Products), the Smart Scoop is a smart addition to any kitchen. Features. Recipe book comes with the Smart Scoop; One thing to note is that because it has its own compressor, you need to let it sit before first use (about 12 hours) to let the refrigerant settle. Everything I've made it so far has come out perfectly! Love my Breville Smart Scoop. Wow. Sur La Table has been my favorite kitchen store for over ten years now and just seeing their package sitting on my porch was enough to make me grin. Shop BREVILLE - BCI600 - THE SMART SCOOP™ ICE CREAM MAKER at Bing Lee - Australian, Family Owned Business Since 1957 Next Day Delivery Afterpay & ZipPay Express Click & Collect the Smart Scoop® | Frozen treats with fresh ingredients The Smart Scoop transforms the kitchen into your favourite scoop shop. And there’s a Pre-Cooling function to take the temperature down to between 14°F to -22°F before you start. It has an optimum capacity of 700 ml (0.74 quart) of mix, producing about 900 ml (0.95 quart) of ice cream with about 29% air in 34 … The Smart Scoop™ transforms the kitchen into your favorite scoop shop. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,315. A few months ago, I shared the latest Babbleboxx featuring entertaining favorites, including Oprah Winfrey’s cookbook, Food, Health and Happiness. The Breville Smart Scoop features four different frozen dessert settings to select from. Colour options: Brushed Stainless Steel. Affiliate. 4.4 out of 5 stars 388 ratings. An easy and delicious strawberry sorbet recipe featuring the Breville Smart Scoop ice cream machine. Breville The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel BCI600BSS Visit the Breville Store. The fabulous people at Sur La Table had shipped me a brand new Breville® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Compressor! The Breville Smart Scoop is one of the first ice cream makers to automatically sense the hardness of the mixture based on your selection. Kitchen. Alas, the recipes I came up with are just the perfect texture and taste. 24 MINUTE READ. One Time Purchase. The Pre-Cool function only takes 5-10 minutes. Tip: If you don’t see the email in your inbox please check your junk mail box. I got the Breville Smart Scoop mainly for the compressor. Breville Smart Scoop aims to do just that, and it won’t take up any extra space in your freezer like some of its competitors. Brushed Stainless Steel. The compressor chills the ice cream container so that you don’t need to plan ahead. This is the perfect summer recipe! Fully automatic functionality; 1 litre bowl capacity ; Self refrigerating compressor; 3.4 (5) Write a Review. If you could spend your summer eating delicious recipes from one of your favorite celebrities who would you choose? 3 CONTENTS 4 Breville Recommends Safety First 6 Know your Breville Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine 10 Operating your Breville Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Machine 18 Tips for Better Ice Cream Making 21 The Vital Ingredients 23 Care & Cleaning 27 Troubleshooting 30 Recipes 42 French BCI600XL_IB_B11_FA.indd 3 19/08/11 1:19 PM Recipes and user manual are simply explained. … No more! Breville Smart Scoop BCI600 (Ice Cream Maker): 3.4 out of 5 stars from 66 genuine reviews (page 2) on Australia's largest opinion site It’s the first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture based on your selection and keeps it ready until it’s time to serve. How to download your free Recipe Book. Have also had fun trying out recipes from other sources and they've all worked perfectly. On a sweltering day, few things beat a bowl of ice cream. Home. Breville BCI600 Ice Cream Maker. There’s a Keep Cool function that will keep your ice cream chilled and churned for up to 3 hours. I used to have to pre-freeze the large tub in my freezer when I wanted to make ice cream. Levathian on 27/04/2018 - 09:18 (461 clicks) Last edited 27/04/2018 - 09:24. This also means you can make a litre of ice cream in less than an hour from scratch: just pour your ingredients into the bucket, press start and get a spoon ready. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. The Smart Scoop BCI600 is the first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture based on your selection, and keeps it ready until it’s time to serve. Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Visit the Breville Store. This is great for specific recipes. Cashback . Whirlpool. Adaptable Operation. PLU: 9312432016841. If you are particular about how you want your ice cream, this model is sure to satisfy. The first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture. This one also works sweet and saltiness into one dessert. from May 2012 ; to November 2012; last updated – posted 2012-Nov-25, 9:57 … The BCI600XL Smart Scoop is Breville’s easy to use ice cream maker with automatic hardness settings. Oprah’s Strawberry Sorbet Recipe with Breville Smart Scoop. So easy to use and clean. It’s got a good pedigree (Breville is well-known for dependable products), it’s just the right size, it works well and it looks great in the kitchen. Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Review. The first ice cream maker that automatically senses the hardness of the mixture.